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Welcome to my digital garden 🌱

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I'm [Martin], an internet tinkerer lucky enough to design with code for a living.

The majority of my [work] is scrappy, resourceful, collaborative, iterative prototyping. This site is my attempt to apply the same approach to my writing. I'm hardly concerned with the final "showpiece", much more interested in exploring the process, care and craft it takes to get there.

What the fuck is a digital garden? 🤔

Joel Hooks of writes about his own digital garden:

What makes a garden is interesting. It's personal. Things are organized and orderly, but with a touch of chaos around the edges.

Just like plants in the garden I've got posts that are in various stages of growth and nurturing. Some might wither and die, and others (like this one you are reading) will flourish and provide a source of continued for the gardener and folks in community that visit 👋

This is my space, for me, in public. I have a private foam workspace for personal notes, but what's the fun in having a digital garden if you can't share the harvest with your friends?

For anyone interested in learning more about the concept of digital gardening, read: Tom Critchlow: Building a digital garden.

No tracking, clickbait, or sneaky bullshit

This site is 100% free of Google Analytics, automatic indexing, search engine optimization, tracking cookies, monetization, advertising, or any other evil nonsense. I know how this shit works, I used to build it (see: [work]).

Who this is for

The primary audience for this site is future Martin. I love being able to cmd + f my notes/thoughts, and see so many upsides to sharing them publicly. As such, I'll mostly be sharing thoughts freeform with minimal organization/structure/editing.

The secondary audience for this site is my friends and family. I predict that it will be a little bit easier to share resources, notes, videos, recipes, just about everything, in this format. I'm going to share early and often. As such, I'm not going to wait to form ideas perfectly before sharing - I'll plant little seedlings, comments and feedback are welcome.

⚠️ If there's anything in here that you percieve as problematic, unincluisive, in conflict with any [core-principles], or straight-up wrong: please let me know! You're welcome to open a GitHub issue on this repo if you feel comfortable doing so publicly, or send me a private email.

Curation and relationships > indexing and file paths

I'm no information architect. I am sold on a different way of navigating content: curation and relationships (links). I'll curate links to other pages thoughtfully (see: the vewry next section). You can explore those links in two ways:

  1. The Link Map accessible by clicking on the blue icon in the top-right corner of this page
  2. The Referenced in section on the bottom of each page (auto-generated)

Greatest hits ⭐️

Written with ☕️ and ❤️ from Toronto 🇨🇦

Welcome to my digital garden 🌱